When you feel hungry after a hard shift or when you are deciding to treat your guests, the main question is where?! A good lunch restaurant menu should provide a portion of healthy, delicious food with an original recipe using fresh materials in a suitable place. Here at Sabella, you can decide broadly. We serve great pizzas, creamy pasta, delicious sandwiches with crusty bread, healthy fresh salads, desserts, and perfect dishes. Give Sabella a chance to satisfy all your needs!

We all agree that lunch is the heart of the day. You can continue enjoying all the day with a smile on your face while you pleasure the need of your body and mind with a portion of great astonishing food.

Sabella uses the exact recipe of Italian foods with a fulfilling portion and lets you customize your foods with your desired adding. You are the one who decides how the food serves.

We use fresh materials and spices for a great flavour to make our restaurant scents like Milan and Rome.


Consider that you are seeking for a comfortable, peaceful location for your midday business meetings. In that situation, Sabella, the top lunch restaurant, is your best option. You can influence your client or business partner by satisfying your delight of eating throughout the meeting.


Sabella provides daily foods for companies’ lunches and includes a specific corporate menu for that. You can sign a contract today for planning. Call us for more information. Our lunch special menu can ensure you decide the best choice for your employees.


We also put together events for holidays like Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others. You can take part in Sabella these days, and it’s our pleasure to make sure you have a good time. View our Restaurant menu today.


Most people eat out because they don’t have enough time to cook. You might have to eat out for lunch because you don’t want to cook for your family and don’t have time to do so. The menu at Sabella is all Italian, and they use all their skills to serve you food during a crash.


Sabella restaurant is open from 12 o’clock except Mondays, so you can plan your gatherings with your friends in a lovely place. Also, we provide food for lunchtime parties. You can arrange your company in Sabella restaurant and enjoy your time with your friends or family.


One of the pleasures in the world is eating delicious foods, especially if you are a fan of Italian food. You can enjoy your meal by tasting fresh dough and the flavour of creamy Alfredo sauce, a blend of garlic, heavy cream and fresh grind black pepper. Trust us, we can fix a broken heart!



It is an honour cooking for you with the best quality, and we always try to satisfy you with our lunch specials in quality, quantity and price. Your pleasure is our passion. We believe that food is important, and we want you to feel this importance by testing our foods at 23 BARRIE ST, BRADFORD, ON L3Z 1R6. When we gratify your hunger, we settle. We assure you that Sabella is the best place to have lunch.


Sabella restaurant opens at 12 o’clock every day except Mondays. So you can count on us to have great places for lunch.

Whether you are looking for a good lunch restaurant and have no idea about the best lunch spots, we offer you Sabella, a great place for lunch.

If you want to enjoy a great meal, it’s better not to ask where can I have lunch near me, and the distance should not be important. Still, if you are in a hurry and looking for the best lunch places, we suggest you try Sabella.

Possibly the best places for lunch serve good foods with great material. Still, Sabella restaurant is a nice lunch restaurant because our foods are cooked with the flavour of love.