Bread, one of the oldest human foods and the result of the agricultural revolution, has a high place in Italian culture. It’s the base of the food pyramid, and its different types form an important part of our daily diet. It consumes a significant portion of the protein and energy our body needs. Therefore, its production and consumption play a significant role in the health of the individual and society. But what kind is this good and healthy bread? And what features should it have? To get the answer to this question, stay with us in the continuation of this article.


Nutrition experts recommend moving consumers from consuming white bread, which lacks vitamins and high nutritional value, to whole-grain bread. According to experts, wholemeal has a darker colour than others; They have a higher nutritional value and are the best option for consumption. Also, vitamin B present in bran improves the function of the body’s immune system and prevents allergic, cardiovascular, skin and cold diseases. Another benefit of using bran flour is improving children’s hair growth and height. Also, the consumption of bran prevents constipation.

Whole wheat flour; can provide minerals, protein and vitamins needed by the body in the daily diet. The fibre in whole-wheat makes it easier to eliminate waste from the body.


Bread made from wholemeal flour and baking soda-free yeast dough, cooked with uniform and gentle heat under an indirect flame, is considered healthy. These types have the characteristics of healthy and good bread. The Ministry of Health prohibits using baking soda to process it due to digestive problems and impaired absorption of salts (such as iron). Using baking soda has an economic benefit for the baker and enables him to produce more amounts using the same resources. But high consumption of baking soda causes obvious damage to a person’s health. Baking soda has a pH equal to 10, while the pH of the human stomach is 2.2 to 2.3. As a result, consuming a lot of baking soda causes the stomach to secrete more acid and subsequently causes indigestion problems.


The amount of salt used to prepare bread dough should be as low as possible. Because the high consumption of salt destroys its nutritional value. In addition, it increases the risk of diseases, including high blood pressure.


According to nutrition experts, good bread should have a proper appearance and be fully baked and roasted. If it is burnt or unleavened, it’s not suitable for consumption. Cooked with indirect heat and not exposed to direct flame is also considered suitable, like bulk, semi-bulky and stone bread. It needs gentle and uniform heat for proper baking. Therefore, industrial ovens with fewer than 3 seconds of cooking time are unsuitable.

Also, it should not become stale quickly and rubbery after baking. Rather, it should be easily chewable and digestible. Other features of good bread for daily consumption include the following:

  • Appetizing appearance and perfectly cooked, with no burning
  • Pleasant taste and pleasant smell, without baking soda
  • Hollow and non-dense texture, with the ability to cut
  • high nutritional value; To supply minerals, vitamins and proteins needed by the body
  • high durability


It is recommended to pack fresh and hot bread, first wait for a little until it cools down; Then put it in a cloth or nylon bag. Placing hot bread in a nylon bag causes it to become doughy, and as a result, its volume increases. In addition, hot bread that is placed inside the plastic causes the carcinogenic properties of the plastic to be transferred to the it. Also, never put hot bread on a sheet of newspaper.

For long-term bread storage, cut them into desired sizes and store them in freezer bags, away from other food packages in the freezer. Keeping the bread in the freezer keeps the its moisture and prevents it from evaporating or combining.

Finally, we recommend you buy bread according to your consumption to prevent wastage and reduce its waste. As you know, the most important part of a sandwich and burger is the bread.

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